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Cisco ios command cheat sheet for routers and switches. These are some quick notes i have to refresh my memory on configuring cisco switches. Cisco ios command reference no switchport enabled l3 features on the port, you can give it an ip address, perform ip routing etc, which is usually seen on a. Use the switchport nonegotiate interface configuration command to specify that dynamic trunking protocol dtp negotiation packets are not sent on the. Before attaching the cable, one switch interface was configured with the switchport trunk encapsulation dot1q, switchport mode trunk, and switchport nonegotiate subcommands. There is a link between these devices which is connecting a tengigabitethernet port with basesx sfp on the 3600x side my side. Cisco switch commands cheat sheet linkedin slideshare. Table 62 shows the dtp signaling and the characteristics of each mode. Dtp can be turned off at the interface level with the switchport nonegotiate command, but as you see below, you cannot turn dtp off until the port is no longer in dynamic desirable trunking mode. This command is not compatible with dynamic auto and dynamic desirable modes. The only way to disable dtp on a switch port is to use the switchport nonegotiate command. Xxxx creates a statically defined secure mac address. You can use this command only when the interface switchport mode is access or trunk.

Cisco switch commands cheat sheet cli cisco switches can be used as plugandplay devices out of the box but they also offer an enormous amount of features. Catalyst 2900 series xl and catalyst 3500 series xl command reference 781215505 2 cisco ios commands abort use the abort vlan database command to abandon the prop osed vlan database, exit vlan database mode, and return to privileged exec mode. As we see in the command to disable dns lookups the keyword no is set before the command. To examine your existing smartport macros, you use the everpopular show command specifically, you use show parser macro. Cisco s dynamic trunking protocol can facilitate the automatic creation of trunks between two switches. It will be placed both into the runningconfig and into the mac address table, and of course if you store the configuration, it will be saved in the startupconfig and loaded when the switch reboots. Ccnp switching 6428 official certification guide 9781587202438 i have a question with information provided on page 7980. For guidelines about configuring this cisco ios feature refer to the following cisco ios configuration guide. The id option allows you to specify a particular vlan. This is the standard way to turn off function in cisco ios. The command that is used at the cli in order to configure this mode is as follows. Both disl and dtp are cisco proprietary protocol that are designed to learn whether the device on the other end wants to perform trunking or not. Note that some switch platforms may have differences in the command syntax. Use the switchport nonegotiate command to force the port.

Cisco ios interface and hardware component command reference. Usage guidelines the access information for each port can be individually displayed. When using the switchport nonegotiate command, dynamic interswitch link protocol and dynamic trunking protocol disldtpnegotiation packets are not sent on the interface. By default, a layer 3 switch will have all of the ports. The switchport voice vlan command instructs the cisco ip phone to forward all voice traffic through a specified vlan. In global configuration mode, this command defines a vlan and puts the switch into vlan configuration mode. David davis introduces the archive command in cisco, which you can configure to log all commands on your router.

Posted in cisco switches catalyst switch configuration. Ccna command quick reference cisco networking academy. This command is only needed if youre having trouble with your networks dns configuration. Smartport comes with a small number of default macros which can be applied to your cisco network devices. To name a vlan on a switch, use the name command in vlan configuration mode. I have been to the catos to ios conversion utility page and to be honest it doesnt work properly and skips a majority of commands. Cisco switches run on proprietary os known as cisco ios. Cisco 2900xl series switches tried this on a 2912xl, and instructions didnt quite work. Page 11 2560 switchport protected 2562 switchport trunk 2564 switchport voice vlan 2567 system mtu 2569 test cablediagnostics tdr 2571 traceroute mac 2572 traceroute mac ip 2575 trust 2577 udld 2579 udld port 2581 catalyst 2960 switch command reference ol860404. Most of it is applicable to cisco routers, but most commands will work with switches as well. Ccnp routing and switching portable command guide, 2e.

Only use the trunk protocol specified in this command isl or dot1q. Assume that two brandnew cisco catalyst 3550 switches were connected with a crossover cable. Or the port is a static trunk port configured with the command switchport mode trunk and at the same time, the dtp negotiation is deactivated using the command switchport nonegotiate. In the document below, you can see that the commands are split into two modes enable mode and config terminal mode. You must manually configure the neighboring interface as a trunk interface to establish a trunk link. Some of the commands that are included in this document may not be. You must force a port to trunk before you can configure it as a spandestination port. Hello, the dtp packets are not sent in these three circumstances 1. When two connected ports are configured in dynamic mode, and at least one of the ports is configured as desirable, the two switches will negotiate the formation of a trunk across the link.

The following document is what i took down as notes when i had to program a cisco router running cisco ios. Ccna switchport nonegotiate cisco dslreports forums. Switchport nonegotiate and dtp frames cisco community. The best time to use this command is after network configuration frustration sets in, and you really need the computer to reply with flushed. Switchport makes the port behave like a layer 2 port, whereas no switchport will make it behave like a layer 3 port. Note on a cisco nexus 5000 series switch that runs a cisco nxos release prior to 4. The bswitch command can switch resizable jobs between queues regardless of job state. Organizing your own engineering journal with notes is a task unto itself, and online resources are not always available. Cisco nexus 5000 series command reference fibre channel. Use the switchport mode command to configure the vlan membership mode for a port. On a layer 2 switch the ports cannot be assigned an ip address. Just wandering if someone could tell me the ios equivalent to these catos commands. Cisco me 3400 command reference manual pdf download. The dynamic trunking protocol dtp is used to negotiate forming a trunk between two cisco devices.

This article covers basic and advanced configuration of cisco catalyst layer 3 switches such as the cisco catalyst 3560g, 3560e, 3560x, 3750, 3750e, 3750x, 3850 and 4500 series, and extends to include the configuration of additional features considered. Use the cisco ios archive command to archive your routers. The command line contains a powerful suite of tools that. Halfduplex communication meansthat traffic can only be sentin one direction at a time. Dynamic trunking protocol dtp is the second generation of dynamic interswitch link disl which allow switches to negotiate trunking state of the link between two switches. Cisco catalyst 2960 command reference manual pdf download. The command line contains a powerful suite of tools that can be utilised in a variety of ways. View and download cisco me 3400 command reference manual online. Page 1 catalyst 2960 switch command reference cisco ios release 12. Cisco ospf command and configuration handbook is a clear, concise, and complete source of documentation for all cisco ios software ospf commands. You can use the switchport nonegotiate command in conjunction with two modesmd switchport mode access off and switchport mode trunk on.

This guide will show you how to use some common tools to diagnose issues with websites, domain names and. A trunk is a direct link between two switches, so the port transmits and receives tagged frames that identify the source vlan. The options after switchport is used to set port operation mode for vlan trunking. On a 3560 switchport below, my goal is to make this as full duplex and speed 100. Therefore this is a question with no correct answer but if we have to choose an answer, we will choose answer a. Since the connection is fiber, i dont see how i can get 100mbps. Nonegotiate sets the port to trunk unconditionally even if the neighbor switch disagrees. Objectives and skills for the vlans portion of cisco ccent certification include. Cisco cgs 2520 command reference full book in pdf format. The cisco ip phone forwards the traffic with an 802. Nov 27, 2007 only use the trunk protocol specified in this command isl or dot1q. Use the switchport nonegotiate interface configuration command to. This command allows you to drop the ip lease from the dhcp server.

I was curious about the switchport mode access command and its interoperability with the switchport voice vlan command. Problems with basesx sfp and speed nonegotiate cisco. Catalyst 3750 switch cisco ios commands shutdown through vtp. Learn how to secure a switch port with switchport security feature step by step. The bswitch command is useful to change a jobs attributes that are inherited from the queue. Currently going through my icnd2 cisco press book regarding trunking and vlans etc in one of the references it mentions switchport nonegotiate under what context would this command be used. To enable lookup, just issue the command without the no.

Watching cbt nuggets ccnp switch videos and came across the instructor using a no switchport command on a pyhsical interface and he gave it in ip address. This option sets trunking and dtp capabilities off. With hundreds of cisco ios software commands, options, and command arguments to remember, a ccna candidate has a lot to commit to memory. The following example is detailed for trunk port configuration. The command to enable this is switchport nonegotiate. Consolidated platform command reference, cisco ios xe 3. If you need to back up to a previous configuration, or. If no version keyword is present, the default is version 1. To confirm whether trunking has been disabled on an interface use the following command.

Catalyst 3750 metro switch command reference, release. To add a vlan and enter configvlan submode on a switch, use the vlan command in global configuration mode. Is nonegotiate do not negotiate speed and duplex or dtp. Manually configure trunking with the switchport mode trunk command and manually configure access interfaces with the switchport mode access prevent auto trunking on that interface. The maximum number of addresses that the port can learn is set to 8. For security and easy administration, ios commands are divided in the set of different command modes. Ccna cisco commands cheat sheet ccna cisco commands. This command cannot be used when a port is part of a fast etherchannel port group or when switched port analyzer span port monitoring is enabled. After the job is switched, the parameters in new queue apply, including threshold configuration, run limit, cpu limit, queuelevel resource requirements, and so on. If i do switchport and no switchport pim command is existing. Disable dtp with the switchport nonegotiate so that dtp messages are not advertised out of the interface is also a good way to prevent auto trunking.

Dtp causes increased traffic, and is enabled by default, but may be disabled. Here is my own notes i have had as a word doc for several years. In order to set up an ip on the interface you will want to set a switchport mode on the port for a particular vlan and then set the ip on the vlan directly. When i read the documentation, it is not clear whether nonegotiate is. This tutorial explains switchport security modes protect, restrict and shutdown, sticky address, mac address, maximum number of hosts and switchport security violation rules in detail with examples. Ipaddressingcommands ipaddress,onpage2 ipaddressdhcp,onpage3 switchrenewdhcp,onpage4 ipdefaultgateway,onpage5 showswitchipinterface,onpage6. If you need 100 mbps on fibre, then you could buy fastethernet sfp for both ends of the connection. Switch enable set system name namestring 2 setting password based on the ios switches. Cisco ios command reference no switchport enabled l3 features on the port, you can give it an ip address, perform ip routing etc, which is usually seen on a layer 3 switch, aka a router with almost all ethernet ports. For example if we want to enable an interface, we issue the no shutdown command and if we want to disable it, we just issue shutdown. If you want to enable trunking and not send any dtp signaling, use the option nonegotiate for switches that support that function. Cisco catalyst series switches provide simplicity, flexibility and security for 10 to 250 users. Hi carl, the switchport portsecurity macaddress xxxx. Save time, money, and headaches with proven technology from the company known for network innovation.

These will only become trunks with ports in on or nonegotiate mode. You can use this command only when the interface is configured with switchport mode trunk or switchport mode access. The port is a routed port configured with the command no switchport. If you enter this command with no keywords, the default is to send all trap types to the host. Any examples, command display output, and figures included in the document are shown for illustrative purposes only. The command syntax was copied from the catalyst 3550 multilayer switch command reference, 12. If you want to disable trunking completely, use the off option for a cos switch or the no switchport mode trunk command on an ios switch. Foundation summary virtual lans and vlan trunking cisco press. Any use of actual ip addresses in illustrative content is unintentional and coincidental.

Cisco connected grid switch 2520 command reference. Show running c onfig uration file show runningconfig. Addressing and services accessclass to restrict incoming and outgoing connections between a particular vty into a cisco device and the addresses in an access list, use the accessclass command in line configuration mode. The no switchport command is used to clear any previous switchport associations on the interface. Airplanes can either take off or land,but not both at the. If a switch is to act like a router, we need a way to assign ip addresses to ports. The switchport mode access command forces a switch port to always behave as an access port with no capability of establishing trunks. A trunk will form only if the neighbor switch port is set to on, auto, or desirable mode. This is the recommended setting for any access port because it will prevent any dynamic establishments of trunk links. This is the operating system that controls cisco routers and switches and provides the interface to configure.

This is done by the command switchport under the interface. But notice this command can only be used after configuring that switch port in trunk or access mode. Using the command line interface in cisco ios software. Cisco ios configuration fundamentals command reference. Cisco switchport mode access vs switchport access vlan. For syntax information, select cisco ios configuration fundamentals command reference, release 12. Cisco ios interface and hardware component command. Any examples, command display output, and figures included in the document are shown for. Show startup configuration file nvram show startupconfig.

The following example shows how to enable port security on a port. Table 210 lists some of the most popular ios commands related to the topics in this chapter. A good analogy of halfduplexis a single runway airport. Catalyst 3750 metro switch command reference, release 12. Why use i by default, a cisco switchport is set to dynamic desireable, meaning that if you connect a device that supports it, it will. This document contains cisco ios commands that are supported in many different software releases and on many different platforms. Although the main purpose of the switch is to provide interconnectivity in layer 2 for the connected devices of the network, there are myriad features and functionalities that can be. Catalyst 2960 and 2960s switch command reference, 12. Learning ccnp and refreshing a lot of forgotten ccna memory. Cisco switch commands cheat sheet cisco commands cheat sheet for switch. Finally we arrive at the mode where we effectively disable dtp. Enter the switchport mode trunk command and then enter the switchport nonegotiate command. Ccnp routing and switching portable command guide scott empson patrick gargano hans roth.

Dynamic trunk protocol dtp pearson it certification. Although i cannot remember doing this part in ccna. Ios is a group of commands used for monitoring, configuring and maintaining cisco devices. Catalyst 2960 and 2960s switch cisco ios commands shutdown through vtp. Dynamic desirable is the default mode for most cisco switch ports. Ip addressing and services commands accessclass ip1r12 cisco ios ip command reference, volume 1 of 4. The c3560 is a service provider device and i cannot change anything there. Either the port is a static access port configured by the command switchport mode access.

Becoming proficient with the cisco ios means learning some essential commands. The command to enable this is switchport mode trunk. Ol2208801 errdisable recovery 2153 ethernet evc 2155 ethernet lmi 2156 ethernet lmi ce vlan. Each book is crafted with care and precision, undergoing. In vlan configuration mode, commands such as name can be used to further define the vlan. Show commands in cisco pdf cisco ios configuration fundamentals command reference. Without the switchport mode access command, if the neighbouring port is a trunk port, the port will be configured as a trunk. The interfaces on the 6224 switch are considered a switchport interface and not a layer 3 port. If version 3 is selected and no authentication keyword is entered, the default is the noauth noauthnopriv security level. An interface can be set to trunking or nontrunking, or to negotiate trunking.

Now theres help from the ccna command quick reference. Contents vi cisco content services switch command reference ol799101 lock 247 login 247 map 248 modify 249 no 251 pause 252 ping 253 prompt 254 proximity 254 proximity assign 255 proximity assign flush 257 proximity clear 258 proximity commit 259 proximity refine 261 proximity reprobe 262 proximity retrieve 263 rcmd 264 redundancy forcemaster 265 replicate 266 restore 267. Mastering moving between these modes is critical to successfully configuring the router. This quick reference describes 10 commands youll need to rely on when handling various configuration and. The sticky keyword configures the dynamic mac addresses as sticky on an interface. Individual switch port settingscan be modified, if needed, to match the settingsof a directly connected device. Which of the following must be configured on the other switch before trunking. Virtual terminal lines command is used to change the telnet connection settings. This shows you how many macros are on the switch and exactly what commands are in those macros.

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