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The software detailed below is provided to those who agree to the terms of the software license. Sep 01, 2012 the alinco djx11 even with its shortcomings has been a neat little hybrid wideband receiver with sdr capabilities. Alinco v17e is a superb 2m handy that combines rugged polycarbonate materials, an ergonomic design and leading edge technology in an attractive, compact fullpower vhfuhf ht that is compatible to ipx7 so its submersible 1m3ft. Alinco dj596e mkii dj 596e mkii dj596emkii service manual and specs alinco dj596j dj 596 j dj596j. Alinco dj 500 vhfuhf handheld transceiver brand new model, the dj500 is a great value for money twinband 145433mhz fm handheld but still full of user friendly features. Dj 500ts offer landmobile grade operation and a powerful, full 5watts output on 2meters and 70cm. The images shown here are usually the standard tuscanadian models. Cb seznam katalog pmr stanic pmr radiostanice alinco. The djx11 is a decent little receiver on its own, but when used with sdr software it gets even better. View and download alinco dj v446 service manual online. The only thing i dont like about the alinco dj500t is no external power.

Top nasa images solar system collection ames research center. The software allows you to create and save as many files as you want for your radio. New, twotouch repeater accesshigh grade waterproof materials compatible to ipx7 submersible 1m3ft. Dj500 radio programming software alinco radio software. Click here to write a new message or comment for dj 196 note that the message is not related to any article click here to see the article list for dj 196. Apkv47 software software program memories and other setting of the alinco dj v47 radio. Programming interface schematics for alinco dj v27t dj v 27 t djv27t. Alinco djx3 clone utility is a configuration software for alinco djx3 product. Press and hold the fkey, now press the flkey the keypad is locked enter the folo. Alinco transceiver user manuals download manualslib.

The alinco dj 596t dual band transceiver does so much, yet its remarkably easy to use. Vx7 doesnt recognize memory groups until one is set on the radios keypad. Feb 16, 2012 alinco dx77t hf ssb ham radio all mode duration. The end of alinco as we know it ham radio blog pd0ac. Click here to write a new message or comment for dr605 note that the message is not related to any article click here to see the article list for dr605. It is not necessary for dj x11jte users to update it to v. Product intended for use by properly licensed operators. Software sites tucows software library shareware cdroms software capsules compilation cdrom images zx spectrum doom level cd. View and download alinco dj 160t instruction manual online. The simple operation combined with the most wanted features will make the alinco dj 196t a favorite among hams looking for affordable 2 meter operation. Software program memories and other setting of the alinco dj 500 radio. The alinco dj x11 wideband receiver covers 50 khz to 1299. Thank you for visiting alinco s online manual page. Describe your experience with the alinco dj s11t and tell us why you give it the rating you did required.

About alinco djx 10 software the resource is currently listed in in a single category. If you prefer to be anonymous write it in the message. To prevent any hazard during operation of alincos radio product, in this manual and. Large dotmatrix, 3 color selectable display and keypad semiduplex dualband, vvuu and fm broadcast receiver 200 memmory chanennels, any mix of vhfuhf internal vox alphanumeric chanels labels direct frequency input from keypad professionalgrade signaling features variety of scanning modes wide and narrow fm txrx high power liion battery pack, stand charger and beltclip included. Kgsdr is free sdr software enabling display and control of radio by simple connection to iq signals. However, alinco sort of dropped the ball when it came to developing a dedicated sdr software package for the radio.

Works with windows 7 32 and 64 bit, windows 8 and 8. Alinco djx8x30 clone utility by alinco inc versions. We have 1 alinco dj v446 manual available for free pdf download. Apk500 software and usb29a cable software program memories and other setting of the alinco dj 500 radio.

Please contact your local alinco dealer for details prior to purchase. Apkv57 programming software for the alinco dj v57 dcs tx power mid power level skip clock shift attenuator busy channel lockout battery save comments receive frequency transmit frequency offset frequency offset direction operating mode name tone mode ctcss rx ctcss memory channel functions left to right the apkv57 programmer is designed to. In case of nonzipped pdf, and you have slower connection to the internet, it may take up to several minutes until the documents appear on your screen even though the pdf. Programming the alinco dj v17 v47 v57 v446 you will also need the adapter cable eds10 your pc has no rs232 port. Alinco has created a new 2 meter ht that sets new standards in features, convenience and easy operation. Please note that the documents are in pdf format and some of them are zipped.

Usb programming cable for alinco radios radioarena. The only thing i dont like about the alinco dj 500t is no external power. Alinco djv17 or djv17t twoway radio programming software. I even realised, even though it is not made clear anywhere, that i needed a 3. If you have some stuff that not is listed here you can donate this by contact mods. The main category is ms dos amateur radio programs that is about msdos ham radio programs.

Alinco djv446 manuals manuals and user guides for alinco dj v446. Mar 14, 2020 programming software for alinco dj196t dj 196 t dj196t. The most popular version of this product among our users is 2. Managing all the options of this radio becomes easy with the software. Alinco djc7 clone utility download configuration software for. This cable is based on the prolific pl2303ta usb to serial bridge controller, and designed specifically for quick and easy programming via usb port of the following alinco radios. Alinco dj 500t dualband handheld transceivers are loaded with advanced features. Alinco djx7 clone utility download enables you to program. User manuals, alinco transceiver operating guides and service manuals.

Cant find what you are looking for or require expert product advice. Its easy to carry, clips easily to my belt, and is easy to use. Alinco dj v17t dj v47 dj v446 standard horizon hx270s hx280s hx290 hx370e hx370s hx370sas hx400 hx400as hx460s hx471s hx500eli hx500s hx500sli hx500sbli hx600s hx750s hx751e hx751l hx760e hx760s hx851e hx850s hx851l hand held marine vhf radios. Alinco djv27t 220 mhz handheld transceivers djv27t free. Alinco dj 193j dj 193 j dj193j service manual and specs alinco dj 196t dj 196 t dj196t service manual and specs. The accessories shown in the product images within this site such as microphones may differ depending on the version you purchase. Djv47 radio programming software alinco radio software. Alinco dj s17e dj s 17 e djs17e service manual and specs alinco dj s47e dj s 47 e djs47e service manual and specs alinco dj v17e dj v 17 e djv17e service manual and specs alinco dj v17t dj v 17 t djv17t service manual and specs alinco dj v47e dj v 47 e djv47e service manual and specs alinco dj v47t dj v 47 t djv47t service manual. Be prepared and able to communicate in case of emergency with the largest selection at.

This mod is for the alinco dj 500t, if you have little or no soldering experience do not repeat do not try this mod on your radio. Check boxes toggle features on or off, drop down menus list all selections and blank boxes for personalized entry add to the ease of setting up your radio exactly like you want it. This software firmware is for applicable models indicated above. Alinco djg7t transceivers ht triband 2m70cm23cm, djg7t. Soft case for the popular v17e, dj v446 and new dj v57e models. Describe your experience with the alinco dj v5t and tell us why you give it the rating you did required.

Arcas own dave kf6van turors new ham operator, ken kj6eym on the alinco radio. Kgsdr can control frequency, mode and other parameters of supported radios by using a pcconnection cable. Pdf user manual for alinco dj v27t dj v 27 t djv27t. Featured image all images latest this just in flickr commons occupy wall street flickr cover art usgs maps. The alinco dj v17t 2 meter ht built to stand up to the elements. The cut, copy, paste and insert features of the software make channel management easier than ever. The dj 195196 sports an alphanumeric display for easy memory management. The dj 196t features, alpha display, 5 watt output, 40 memories plus call channel, 9 autodialer memories, battery saver function, cable cloning function, direct frequency entry, auto power off. The alphanumeric display provides easy recall of up to 6 characters.

Engineered for success, this dualbander is packed with features. The new alinco dj g7t triband transceiver gives you sophisticated operation on 2 meters, 440 and 1. Please visit the main page of alinco dj175 clone utility on software informer. Oct 08, 2014 the end of alinco as we know it alinco, one of the few remaining and independent japanese manufacturers, is no more. Tyt thuv3r chirp program seems to access radio but writes empty. Click here to write a new message or comment for dj g7 note that the message is not related to any article click here to see the article list for dj g7. Other useful information would include your experience with similar products, infomation on a product that you would purchase instead of this one, and so on. In this page you find schematic, users and instructions manuals, service manuals, technical supplement, leaf leads and other good stuff. Motorola cpsrss, other software, firmware, upgrades, hacks, patches, licenses, etc. Converts the standard twin jack plugs to the style 4 pole water resistant plug. Alinco djx11t receivers communications receivers, djx11t. This 5 watt radio has 200 memories, and backlit alphanumeric display and direct keypad frequency entry. Files can even be shared between users via email or the internet. When the user selects click here to agree to license and begin download, agreement to the terms of the software license is inferred and the user is bound by the terms of alinco,inc hereafter alinco license agreement.

Programming software for alinco dj v27t dj v 27 t djv27t. Rs232 programming cable for almost all alinco scanners and radios that support the pc cloning function. I agree and accept all alinco freeware policy explained by alinco and download the programs. The alinco dj v5th can fill a variety of roles and it does them all well.

The company itself isnt bankrupt its not that bad yet, but development and production seems to be a chinese affair now. Cbti alinco dj596 programming utility informer technologies, inc. The alinco dj x11t wideband receiver covers 50 khz to 1299. The 200 memories store band, frequency, offset, ctcss, transmit level, tuning step, dsq and. It is loaded with technical features, 5 watts of output power and a wide array of operator conveniences. Ctcss, dtmf, dcs and 5tones are standard, along with a variety of tone bursts for repeater access or selective calling. Although we have tested this software on our windows vistaseven 3264bit environments and experienced no serious accident during the operation, we are not responsible of any eventual damage caused to your radio andor pc system by using this utility. Acoustic microphone for yaesu vertex standard alinco. Full of advanced features, the dj 596t offers simple programming and operation, powerful output and the optional capability of adding digital voice communications to your operations.

Its a shame that alinco chose to use the same model number as their old dj500. Since we both own this particular radio, its a great way to acclamate new users. Alinco eme is another stylish headset microphone very similar to the eme12, but with the addition of an inear bud on a short flying lead instead of a fixed earphone, this headset will give exceptional transmit audio and receive quality, and is fitted with the popular twin moulded plug that fits most models and can even be used with the newer dj v range with the eds1014 adaptor. Alinco djc7 clone utility is a configuration software for alinco c7t product range. Do you have any tricks, modifications or constructions for homebrewed equipment that are not on mods. View and download alinco djv446 service manual online. In addition to frequency information, it will also show the operating mode, memory channel, battery strength, signal strength and a number of other userselected. Full duplex operation is supported on any two bands. Programming frequencies on the alinco dj596 mk 2 dual. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. In addition to frequency information, it will also show the operating mode, memory channel, battery strength, signal strength and a number of other userselected operating parameters. Buy surveillance tube microphone for yaesu vertex standard alinco radio. Modifications for the alinco created 28032002 from. It has an ergonomic design thats user friendly and the 5 watt output battery is standard.

It is ruggedly built to ipx7 standards meaning it can be submersed in 3 feet of water for up to 30 minutes. Dj 191, dj 193, dj 195, dj 196, dj 296, dj 396, dj 446, dj 493, dj 496, dj 593, dj 596, dj c6, dj c7, dj g7, dj s17 eds10 is required, dj s47 eds10 is required, dj v17 eds10 is required, dj v47 eds10 is. Top kodi archive and support file vintage software community software. A userfriendly windowsbased software defined radio software for supported receivers. This link is listed in our web site directory since tuesday apr 23 2002, and till today alinco djx 10 software has been followed for a total of 4259 times. Large, dotmatrix, 3 colorselectable orange,white,cherryblossom display and k. Alinco eds10 microphone adaptor cable,this microphonespeaker cable suits alinco dj v172747 family, dj g7e and dj v446 pmr radios. New extio for alinco djx11 allows for third party sdr. Alinco dj500t dualband handheld transceivers dj500t free. Please select pages below to view the available items. This software enables you to program frequencies, set parameters and save it in your pc for any.

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