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Software configuration management scm is a software engineering discipline consisting of standard processes and techniques often used by organizations to manage the changes introduced to its software products. Pressman, software engineering practitioners approach, tmh. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. Process improvement pptx funny 0 interesting 0 cool 0 email thisblogthis. Software configuration management in software engineering.

Pdf basic activities of software configuration management. Software configuration management is defined as a process to systematically manage, organize, and control the changes in the documents, codes, and other entities during the software development life cycle. Pressman, software engineering a practitioners approach, sixth edition, mcgrawhill international edition, 2005 ian sommerville, software engineering, seventh edition, pearson education asia, 2007. Software configuration management linkedin slideshare. Ppt software configuration management scm powerpoint. Jun 27, 2018 software engineering user interface design models. A software project is the complete procedure of software development from requirement gathering to testing and maintenance, carried out according to the execution methodologies, in a specified period of time to achieve intended software product. The increasing popularity of service oriented architecture soa and distributed systems makes it even harder for organizations to maintain.

Software engineering by ian sommerville 7th editionsoftware engineering. A practitioners approach by mcgraw hill education software engineering. Software configuration management from software engineering, ian sommerville chapter 29. On the other hand, software configuration management is a far more established term within the profession, and derives from the non software specific term configuration management. Configuration management adapted from ian sommerville 2006, software engineering, 8th edition. This paper discusses software configuration management scm as a key element of software engineering, and a key component of software development and maintenance environments. For almost three decades, roger pressman s software engineering. Solution manual for software engineering a practitioners. Released systems custom configured systems different functionality systems under development wsoftware must run on different machines and operating. Chapter 1 software engineering introduction pressman youtube.

A practitioners approach india by mcgrawhill higher education software engineering by pearson education software. Aspectoriented software engineering pptx chapter 22. Changes may be required to modify or update any existing solution or to create a new solution for a problem. Chapter 9 software configuration management powerpoint ppt presentation. Concepts, errors, faults, repair and availability, reliability and. Attatched are the hindi notes of the subject software engineering.

Ppt software engineering roger s pressman, phd powerpoint. Generally, the configuration management plan is concerned with redefining the existing objectives of the project and deliverables software products that are delivered to the user after completion of software development. Outline for tonight baselines cm repository and config tools cm plan much of this software configuration management presentation is based on chapter 27 of pressman s software engineering. Questions from software configuration management quiz of pressman s software engineering book. Difference between devops and software configuration management. A practitioners approach 6th edition goals of cm identify change report changes to people who need to know control change stability vs progress ensure.

The new edition represents a major restructuring and update of previous editions, solidifying the books position as the most comprehensive guide to this important subject. This chapter is the updated version of the software configuration management scm generally accepted knowledge to be used as a consistent view of this software engineering topic worldwide. Software configuration management scm is a set of activities that are designed to control change by identifying the work products that are likely to change, establishing relationships among them, defining mechanisms for managing different versions of these work products, controlling changes that are imposed, and auditing and reporting on the. Powerpoint html lecture 2, the software process powerpoint html lecture 3, feasibility studies and requirements definition powerpoint html lecture 4, management i. Chapter 22 software configuration management slide set to accompany software engineering. Scm identifies, organizes, and controls modifications to the software being built by a software development team. The configuration management plan defines the process, which is used for making changes to the project scope. Software configuration management plan introduction scope and intent of scm activities the primary focus of the software configuration management scm is to identify and control major software changes, ensure that change is being properly implemented, and report changes to any other personnel or clients who may have an interest. Explaining what is software, who does it, what is the importance,what is the work product,etc. Software configuration management plan introduction.

Component elementsa set of tools coupled within a file management system e. If you know the url of a resource that should be added to these pages or have a correction to any link shown, please send us an email that descibes the site and provides a complete. Configuration management and distributed software engineering. Scm is an umbrella activity, applied throughout the software engineering process. Also called software configuration management scm it is an umbrella activity that is applied throughout the software process. A practitioners approach india by mcgrawhill higher education. This is the software configuration management guidebook which describes software configuration management in a way that is compatible with practices in industry and at nasa centers. And management of each software configuration item. Figure 24 incremental process model modified from pressman. Software engineering roger pressman 7th edition pdf. Software engineering, 6th edition, ian sommerville, addisonwesley, isbn 0209815x. The aim of configuration management is to support the system integration process so that all developers can access the project code and documents in a controlled way, find out what changes have been made, and. Process elementsa collection of procedures and tasks that define an effective approach to change management and related activities for all constituencies involved in the.

Jul 01, 2014 software configuration management scm is a software engineering discipline consisting of standard processes and techniques often used by organizations to manage the changes introduced to its software products. Software engineering tools provide automated or semiautomated support for the. Risk management by roger pressman linkedin slideshare. Oct 06, 2012 references from software engineering, a practitioners approach by roger s. These slides are designed to accompany software engineering. If so, share your ppt presentation slides online with. Nov 25, 2008 risk management by roger pressman slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

Ppt chapter 9 software configuration management powerpoint. This is supported by associating attributes with each software version, and then allowing a configuration to be specified and constructed by. Available informative documents regarding software engineering pressman. A practitioners approach, 7th international edition 7th edition by roger pressman ian sommerville, software. In software engineering, software configuration management scm or sw cm is the task of tracking and controlling changes in the software, part of the larger crossdisciplinary field of configuration management. Configuration control requires that both proposed and approved engineering changes be tracked and identified to the affected items. This course has been coauthored by the internationally recognized consultant and authority on software engineering dr. Configuration management configuration management is the name given to the general process of managing a changing software system. Software engineering system configuration management. Iso 9000 update configuration management and iso 9001. Software engineering roger s pressman, phd is the property of its rightful owner. Mcgrawhill, 2005 2 the problems with our requirements practices we have trouble understanding. A product data management system or engineering document control system is a logical approach to addressing this and other documentation needs. Guenter teubner 154 software engineering fall 1998 3 why software configuration management.

Software configuration management is a process independent of the development process largely because most development models cannot accommodate change at any time during development. View similar attachments and knowledge in software engineering, chapter 21 pressman, formal method pressman, chapter 21 formal modeling and. A practitioners approach, seventh edition by roger pressmanthe next edition of the worlds best selling software engineering textbook. If something goes wrong, scm can determine what was.

Forms the basis for management control of software projects and establishes the context in which technical methods are applied, work products are produced, milestones are established, quality is ensured, and change is properly managed. Framework that must be established for effective delivery of software engineering technology. Software engineering methods rely on a set of basic principles that govern each area of the technology and include modeling activities and other descriptive techniques. Software configuration management scm is the discipline for systematically controlling the changes that take place during development. Reverse engineering configuration management maintenance tools and techniques. Erp needs a robust capability to track and support engineering changes. The objective is to maximize productivity by minimizing mistakes errors. Activities and roles in software configuration management. Configuration management configuration management planning change management version and release management case tools for. The primary goal is to increase productivity with minimal mistakes. Configuration management cm is a technic of identifying, organizing, and controlling modification to software being built by a programming team. Software configuration management is the process of controlling and tracing changes in the software, part of the larger crossdisciplinary field of configuration management.

Cs8494 software engineering jeppiaar engineering college. Although cm can seem laborious, if not employed, the. Clemm defines version control in the context of scm. Software configuration management is how you control the evolution. This video will explain you in detail about what is software configuration management in software engineering and it will also describe about the activities in the software configuration. Chapter 27 change management introduction scm repository the scm process source. Software configuration management include revision control and the inauguration of baselines. Software configuration management is often referenced in a software engineering context, a simple definition is given by roger pressman in software engineering. Configuration management in the field of software engineering, configuration management cm is becoming more and more vital to a projects success as systems become more complex and diverse. Grading for the project will be primarily based on the degree to which each team puts into practice the software engineering knowledge, skills, and practices taught in the course. Scm elements component elementsa set of tools coupled within a. In addition, the growing number of tools for automating cm practices are avenues for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of these processes. For almost three decades, roger pressmans software engineering. Configuration management and engineering change control.

Teams will be required to use modern software development tools, including source control, configuration management, bug databases, and unit testing tools. Requirements engineering problems with requirements practices requirements engineering tasks inception elicitation elaboration negotiation specification validation requirements management source. Software configuration management include revision control. Software configuration management introduction scm repository the scm process what is change management also called software configuration management scm it is an umbrella activity that is applied throughout the software process its goal is to maximize productivity by minimizing mistakes caused by confusion when coordinating software development scm identifies, organizes, and controls. Project management powerpoint html lecture 5, documentation and requirements analysis. If something goes wrong, scm can determine what was changed and who changed it. Configuration management is an integral part of the software. Configuration management allows a user to specify the alternative configuration of the software system through the selection of appropriate versions. A practitioners approach has been the worlds leading textbook in software engineering. Software engineering system configuration management whenever a software is build, there is always scope for improvement and those improvements brings changes in picture.

This article begins with brief, general definitions of configuration management and of iso 9001. Scm practices include revision control and the establishment of baselines. Software engineering software project management spm. Knowledge software engineering pressman book,notes in pdf. Its goal is to maximize productivity by minimizing mistakes caused by confusion when coordinating software development. For the love of physics walter lewin may 16, 2011 duration. It is abbreviated as the scm process in software engineering.

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