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This article will take a good look at the top 5 mistakes made by south african authors who selfpublish their book. How many books the average south african author sells. Many agents speak at writers programs, book festivals, and conferences, like romance writers of americas annual conference. Worrying about grammar and spelling and word choice at the very least.

In south africa, when submitting directly to a publisher, you will generally submit your book proposal through the publishers web site, or by email. Top 10 most popular and mustread south african books. Getting your book published can seem like a daunting task. By a member of one of afrikanerdoms leading apartheid families, it goes into the heart of darkness of a country in turmoil. Compiled by noted south african intellectual and former revolutionary neville alexander shortly before his death, the essays gathered in this collection deal with the perceptions and beliefs that both drive and. May 19, 2016 not just some crummy selfpublished book that only sells statistically 117 copies. How to get published as a south african author adele green. Sometimes writers are published because they know the right people. Stop wasting your time trying to submit your work to traditional publishers.

Mar 31, 2017 in whatever you do, dont run, peter allison tells about his time in africa when he was working as a safari guide. At the very worst, this worry prevents you from finishing your book. Senzo meyiwa book published south africas rich and famous. Po box 4532, northcliff, johannesburg, 2115, south africa rainbird selffunded publishing services.

A south african explores the madness in his country, his tribe and himself, this book was a bestseller in south africa and elsewhere when it came out in 1990. Most likely, when a book does arrive on an editors desk, they are looking to see if a. Penguin random house does not accept selfpublished works. We will, however, do a callout from africa and its diasporas for adult fiction of previously unpublished manuscripts of novel length in kiswahili, english, french or portuguese once a year. The following works are eligible for in south africa in the republic. In south africas small market, where even bestsellers do not equate to huge numbers of books sold, selfpublishing makes financial sense. A history of south africa by leonard thompson was invaluable reading ahead of the trip.

The book has various echoes including senzos wife mandisa meyiwa, his family, friends and chairperson of orlando pirates irvin khoza. For a quick faq on getting published in south africa, read this guide from the. Agents work to sell your books into a variety of publishing houses, in return for a. The 14chapter book traces the origins and expansion of cape town, from the city bowl and coastal suburbs to the vast expanse of the cape flats and the sprawling northern suburbs. Have you ever wondered what sa publishing looks like from the inside. Printing of 100 copies, including delivery costs to a main centre in south africa.

Far too few south african authors find their writing being celebrated. Im a published author and have currently written three books,via an american publisher. A literary agent can offer influence and connections, which can help get your book in front of other people. If anyone asks where to get your book, you can tell them to visit the. A few tips on getting published exclusive books blog.

This book is uniquely african in its context and explores themes of identity, both selfimposed and individuated, and that which is placed on us externally. Then resist the temptation to sell your book to those people yourself. Basil van rooyens book, get your book published in 30 relatively easy steps. You need to identify which publishers do the kind of book you are wanting to get published. The top 5 mistakes south african authors make when self. A stepbystep guide to getting your book published anywhere in. The process of publishing your new ebook within amazon is much shorter than the traditional publishing route and authors can have their ebook published online within 24 hours of uploading to amazon. The book, how to get your book published in 30 relatively easy steps by. In this section, youll learn how to create an engaged fan base, launch a successful book, and turn that momentum into a thriving, financially viable career as an author.

Get your book published for free and get paid techlicious. Getting an isbn barcode on your book in 5 easy steps sa. We are in south africa on a five week visit and have spent time in johannesburg, soweto, alexandra, the apartheid museum, constitution court, sterk fontein, mala mala, cape town, district 6 and we have seen and learned so much. Boutique books self publishing editing publish own. What you need to do first, therefore, is get your book in rough draft form. She became africas youngest published author after writing her first book at the tender age of 7. Exactly how i got my first book published gillian perkins.

As africans we are very new to the amazon kindle publishing platform and the processes of creating and selling of ebooks online in general. I now use digital action to print books locally for me. Her story a confident and financially secure woman. Publishing grants book publishing support advance africa.

Kwela books, another imprint of nb publishers, is a small publishing house set up in 1994 that specializes in both fiction and nonfiction african writing. It is a compilation of short stories about his life in the african bush, about all the things that can happen, in nature, while on safari, with complaining guests,he tells it in such a funny and hilarious way you often start laughing out loud. Nov 09, 2015 in this video we discuss why publishing your book on kindle is best thing to do. But it also means that you have to take responsibility for the. Publish a book with penguin penguin books south africa. This is the process that id recommend to any new author who wants to get published. Ive been searching online for more south african indies, but i cant seem to find many. Ask your friends, neighbors, family, and coworkersto request the book at their local bookstores. Resources for writers in south africa modjaji books.

How to get published in south africa the reading list. Getting a book published, even your first book that sounds like it should be pretty doable, right. Apartheid south africa looked after white people and nobody else. Authors are able to earn up to 70% in royalties and are fully in control the publishing process of their ebook, from having the cover designed, to. There has never been a better time than right now to be a reader of african literature, especially in the united states historically, an underdeveloped nation in this regard. How to write a book in five easy steps by stephen l. Popular south african literature books meet your next. Only if the market you are targeting wants an ebook and not a print book. What does it take to succeed as a selfpublished book author. The group said that the cherry on top for local authors, is that there were only two traditionally published south african english novels that sold more than 2,000 copies in 2015, according to.

Heres where i share the littleknown truth that getting published is only the beginning. Titles such as his short story collection, african delights, have received widespread praise. The shocking number of books the average south african. Now that you have a printing service lined up, youll need to find some way to pay them to print copies of your book. How to become a published author in south africa youtube.

Terry morris, managing director of pan macmillan south africa, chatted to tamara lepinewilliams on classic fm recently about getting published in south africa. If if you are merely looking for someone to distribute copies of your selfpublished book, you can contact the publishers association of south africa pasa on 021 4252721 who will be able to give you details of distribution companies operating in the country. Boutique books self publishing editing publish own book. Culture and politics pearson 2004, second edition, 2012, coeditor with elaine mackinnon of places of encounter, time, place and connectivity in world history, volumes 1 and 2 westview, 2012 and coauthor of an introduction to global studies wileyblackwell, 2010 as well as numerous articles. South african female authors share their journeys brand.

How do south african authors receive royalty payments from. My traitors heart is a brutally honest look at his struggle with being an antiapartheid white with many. Rian malan is a white liberal who descended from some of the most racist afrikaners in south africa. Learn how to publish an ebook and sell it to a worldwide market on amazon in this 12month online course. Fiction vs nonfiction morris says she believes people are starting to appreciate south african fiction more and more, but that publishers will still publish less in that area. Therefore, write your rough draft as fast as you can. The book industry is transforming, which makes it accessible to many new kids on the block, as well as many new players with promises to get your book published for you. A strong womans triumph over abuse is capetonian sam scarboroughs diary, now published as a book. Worrying about grammar and spelling and word choice at the very least slows you down. The big challenge of writing a book is the books size. How do authors receive royalty payments directly from amazon and smashwords.

The success of her books means that she is now likely to have access to a traditional publisher. How to get published on this page well try to dispel a few myths and offer some helpful hints and encouragement to writers hoping to take that great leap forward to getting published. The prehistory and history of south africa span nearly the entire known existence of human beings and their ancestorssome. Now she will be adding two more books where is tammy and tims answer to her bookshelf.

My name is elrich martin,publisher name is revival waves of glory books and publishing and my book titles are. However, selfpublished ebooks have yet to see the kind of success. And so it is, but the publishing industry is inevitably pretty complex, and can generate massively different. But a legit book with a legit publisher who hands you a check for the privilege of printing your words of wisdom. Build your skills while making connections and listen when an agent tells you how he or she likes to be. We will arrange your isbn from the national library of south africa, and will also have it generated as a barcode for the back cover of the book. The path to getting published took much longer than my clients professional gillian straker and dr jacqui winship expected, but their wonderful book the talking cure is now available in. Apr 26, 2014 originally published in 2000 and winner of the commonwealth writers prize, this was the debut novel of one of south africas most promising young literary voices who died in 2005. Please select a country afghanistan albania algeria american samoa andorra angola anguilla antarctica antigua and barbuda argentina armenia aruba australia austria azerbaijan. Getting a grant to write a book the council for the development of. What does it take to succeed as a selfpublished book a. Even if you choose a printondemand service, you should print at least 20 copies of the book for yourself to show to stores and other customers. Im a south african and my books are on the exclusive books website but how does one get it in store. Fiction sales in south africa are very tough, its very small and youre up.

An excerpt from the good book appreciation society august newsletter. The first south african authors only started breaking the digital barrier to amazon as recently as 2010. Are you a south african author searching for a publisher. Our titles are listed in all major online stores and quite a few smaller ones examples of which include amazon all branches, takealot south africa, barnes and noble usa and uk, kobo books, chapters.

In this book, miriam depicts three contrasting worlds. You know that youre going to get very honest feedback. Selfpublishing is getting bigger and bigger overseas as. The making of south africa provides a detailed understanding of all the forces that have shaped south. In this video we discuss why publishing your book on kindle is best thing to do. You also need to have your book designed, as that can also be a. Full funding to publish your book funding support for writers funds for writers literary grants getting a grant to write a book the council for the development of social science research in africa codesria is pleased to announce its programme for the publication of textbooks for use in african. How to get published pasa publishers association of south africa. The small, even tiny market for locally published books. Register now, and youll discover 4 essential elements you must consider in. The meyiwa family couldnt be more honoured regarding the release of.

Aug 23, 2017 in this video i cover exactly how i got my first book published at age 21. In 2010 pasa annual book publishing industry survey report 2010, south african estimated annual total book industry income values by industrysubsector where r3 444 098 000 this is a billion. Now some of its white communities face a level of deprivation, or of violence, which threatens their future in the country. A survey of south african history from the formation of early human communities to the present. Nelson mandelas autobiography tells his inspiring story from childhood to the fight against apartheid, his 27 years in prison, and how he negotiated with his oppressors for the first democratic elections in south africa and became president. Examples of independent bookstores in south africa are the book lounge in. Basil van rooyens book get your book published in 30 relatively easy steps. The cape town book is a compelling account of south africas first city, its landscape and its multiethnic people. South africa, the drc and kenya, all drawn together by one common thread. The majority of this number, about 80%, is made up of nonfiction sales. Other articles where history of south africa is discussed.

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